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What is main purpose of Glycotec?
Glycotec is dedicated to delivering effective and efficient healthcare worldwide and operates as a medical aggregator with interests and investments in a wide range of companies in various medical sectors including: disease prevention; immunity optimisation; disease treatment and research & development

What does Glycotec own?
We have a number of patents, products and services in our portfolio. Patents are held by Glycotec PLC.

Where are my shares?
You may hold shares in paper form, but any tradable shares are kept in electronic form by our Registered Agents. Glycotec Share Registrars keep a record of all shares issued and will manage all movements of shares as they are issued and traded. Our Registrars will also maintain a custodial account in your name until you no longer have need of this account as part of this management process.

How do I buy or sell shares in the company?
To buy shares in Glycotec PLC, you must contact our authorised agents, to get these details please contact us here.

Does the company pay dividends?
Any dividend payment will be determined by the Board of Directors at the appropriate time. The accounting period of the company is December 31st.