About Us

Glycotec’s facility is the reason we have been so successful, incorporating glycan and lectin array technologies, and a developing ‘glycan specific’ monoclonal antibody array technology.

This Facility is available to industry and academia, offering the following:

Carbohydrate and lectin screening of whole cells and organisms, bacteria, viruses, spores, proteins and other biological particles.
An extensive and comprehensive library of structurally defined and biologically relevant glycans.
Expertise in screening for glycan binding by proteins, whole cell and whole organisms.
A dedicated “cleanroom style” slide printing suite and a separate slide scanning and analysis suite.
Multiple slide printers and three dedicated slide scanners with varying capabilities providing flexibility and robustness for slide analysis.
An integrated barcode system to link critical data to each slide.
Quality controlled experiments.
Assurance of data confidentiality and security of material.

If you would like to work with us or use our facilities for your own use, please contact us here